Lucky 5 Reeler Online Slot Rating and reviews

The spins package of Barcrest’s Lucky 5 Reeler is the game’s primary draw, as it allows players to take advantage of a total of 5 unique games for the cost of only one wager. Sticky symbols and any-ways mechanisms are also tossed into the mix to provide you with a simpler path to winning the game’s big prize. Check out our in-depth analysis of the Lucky 5 Reeler slot machine to learn more about the unique features, rewards, and betting restrictions of this casino game, or try out the game for free using the trial version that we have provided below. You have the opportunity to improve your return to player percentage to 94.67 percent and earn rewards of up to 125,000 credits with a single wager in any direction you choose when you bet real money on all paylines.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Lucky 5 Reel

The Lucky 5 Reeler slot machine is not too different from the majority of Barcrest’s games, as it provides a straightforward gaming experience with betting levels that are suitable for gamers of varying financial means. You just need to utilize the two betting settings that are located on the bottom-right of your screen in order to begin playing for real money. These options allow you to alter the number of active paylines and set your wager per line. If you reduce the number of paylines from 10 to 5, the minimum bet each spin drops to one credit, and the return to player percentage drops to 87.76 percent. However, if you play all 10 paylines, you may spend up to 500 credits every round and obtain a return to player percentage that is 94.76 percent greater.

When you start a new game, the slot machine will generate up to nine symbols every round that have the potential to win you rewards. You may see a list of all of these symbols by hitting the Help button located on the game’s dashboard. The symbols have been categorized into two distinct groupings, each of which offers a reward that is represented as a multiplier that is applied to your wager on the payline. The first category, which is represented by the card symbols, offers smaller returns, ranging from 0.5x to 10x your payline bet for each consecutively occurring icon. The second category, on the other hand, is comprised only of image symbols, which provide improved payouts ranging from two to fifty times the amount you wagered per line for a single sequence. You will not only have the opportunity to win rewards in any direction you choose thanks to the game’s innovative any-ways mechanics and sticky symbols, but you will also get assistance in increasing the value of every victory you already have.

The Lucky 5 Reeler slot machine, on the other hand, is still only accessible as a Flash game. This is in contrast to the fact that many of Barcrest’s earlier games have been redone in HTML5. Because of this, players who want to bet using their iOS or Android smartphones will not be able to access this game; rather, it will be accessible exclusively to those who play using desktop computers or laptops.

Bonuses, Free Spins, and Gameplay Included in Lucky 5 Reeler

When it comes to the manner in which it awards players with prizes, Barcrest’s Lucky 5 Reeler stands apart from the rest of the developer’s collection of games in a noticeable way. If you want to win a payout in this slot game when you are playing for real money, you will need to gather at least three similar symbols on adjacent reels on one or more paylines that are specifically designed for that purpose. This slot machine, in contrast to other of the top online slots, pays out regardless of where the player is positioned. You’ll have the exciting opportunity to win rewards in a variety of directions, including left to right, right to left, and even from the very center of the screen!

In addition to the unique mechanisms that are put into action, another peculiar aspect of this slot machine is the value that it awards you for each and every wager that you make. You see, in contrast to many other online slot machines, which only allow you to make one spin for the cost of one wager, the Lucky 5 Reeler slot machine allows you to make five spins. Therefore, when you put a wager, the slot machine will begin a series of five spins, and the results of each spin will be transmitted to the very top of the screen. After the first five spins have been completed, the game will pay out any rewards that have been earned, and you will be offered the option to purchase an additional five spins so that you may continue playing.

Lucky 5 Reeler Maximum Volatility, Win & RTP

The slot not only gives you mechanics that pay from any direction, but it also gives you winning symbols that linger around for as long as possible to enable players at the best online slot sites achieve the greatest rewards possible. Each winning combination that you amass will be frozen in place and carried over to the next spin, but this effect will only last for as long as you have five paid spins remaining. This provides you the opportunity to enhance each winning sequence you gather and earn an entire screen packed with matching symbols for a chance to trigger the £125,000 jackpot. If you do so, you will be eligible to win the jackpot.